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Zora Citizen Tv:Zora Reveals Why She Destroyed Madiba's Wedding

Zora Tv programme is getting more interesting after several things are unfolding perhaps it's coming to an end following it's recent twists.

The Chibale family has been divided whereby Madiba and Kwame have left to the village and life in the village seems tougher.They are surprised how life has changed since before everyone wanted to associate with them but as of now,no one wants to be associated with their family name.

Madiba's wedding to Nana was unsuccessful after Zora stopped it by claiming that she was dating Madiba just to stop Madiba from marrying Nana.It was not true about Zora dating Madiba even though Madiba loved Zora however,Nana believed and refused to wed Madiba.

The Chibale family did not understand why Zora did this to Madiba but finally Madiba has realized the reason why his wedding was not successful.

While in the village,Zora told Madiba why she stopped him from wedding Nana.She claimed to have done so in order to protect Nana from the Chibale's a poisonous family.Zora told Madiba that she never loves him and will never love him.Will Madiba win back Nana after he has known the truth about their wedding being stopped?


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Content created and supplied by: Benardine Wamwenge (via Opera News )

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