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New Twist Of Events After Mutumba Guy Changes His Tune

There has been a twist between Jalan’go and Mtuba Guy alias Mayau after he trended through his advertising skills. A few hours ago, Mayau revealed on his Instagram channel that he had not received all the promises made to him earlier on and has reconsidered going back to Kisumu. He had initially been promised by Devine collection and other brands that he would be sponsored and supported to realize his economic goal.

Jalas has been one of the organizers who brought the Mtumba Guy from the village to the city. He has come forward to respond after the guy confirmed to Kenyans that he is broke and wants to go back home. ‘I really do understand him but all will be well. Everything that I promised him on the show is on the way. Notify logistics got him 50k and had his two bales on their shelves. Best Mtumba got him two bales worth 50k, Devine Collection got him a house and 50k for his settling in Nairobi. I think its just the contract that is awaiting but I know mercy will make that happen. Trip he can go anytime only that I don’t think he needs one right now but if he wishes he casn travel. I think whats is frustrating him now is how his phone that was ringing all the time is now silent. I just want to ask anyone who promised him anything and has not delivered please do. One thing I know is that people also quickly move on from one trend to another but all will be well. I will call him and help him where I can. I know his people back in the village now know that he is a millionaire so I can imagine the pressure. Don’t worry Mtumba man all will be well,’ read a long post from Jalas.

Suddenly, the Mtumba guy deleted the post he had and rectified all his statements. Unfortunately, there was a mix-up after he deleted the video. However, he has clarified that he is working well with the management and that everything is going well. Stay tuned as we wait for more news to unveil. Watch full video here.

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