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Pregnancy period

Pascal Tokodi Does The Unthinkable On Live TV During The Last Day Of Grace At Ntv

Everything that had a beginning definitely has an end. Grace Ekirapa and her better half pascal Tokodi started their pregnancy journey about eight months ago and it is almost nearing the end of the journey for them to be able to receive their baby.

To be able to receive their first bundle of joy together, the first step was for grace Ekirapa to have from her place of work in order to be ready for this special occasion.

Pascal Tokodi had to surprise her best half as she bid goodbye to her followers. Grace Ekirapa was very shocked and surprised by what her husband did. In fact she did not expect any of what happened. In order to make the surprise real, pascal Tokodi was forced to wear shoes for someone else because if he wore his own shoes, it was so easy for Grace to guess whom the Suprise was coming from because she knows his shoe collection well.

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