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"Mnadharau Wanawake Kwa Malipo" Zuchu Breathes Fire as She Demands to be Paid ASAP

Diamond Platnumz's Wasafi female artist Zuchu has taken to social media to demand payment as she attacked those disrespecting women when it comes to paying them for their work.

Zuchu took to Insta stories where she penned down messages, revealing how a company she had worked with had refused to pay her as they had agreed.

She noted that she had been disappointed with some people who hire artists for various adverts roles but fail to pay them.

She said advertising a company and its product on her social media pages is a business that should be paid as required, and without delay, adding that is not a favour to pay an artist for such deals.

"I am so disappointed with some OF tHese PEOPLE WE WORK WITHIFIKIE MUDA MSANIi AHESHIMIWe KWASTATUS NA PLATFORM YAKE inayotumika kutangaziakitu FLANI HII SIO FAVOR WALASIO MSAADA tunafanyakazi kwa MAKUBALIANO BASI IfIKIE HATUA mujifunze kuheshimu wasanii," she said.

According to her, some companies do not respect female artists the same way they respect their male counterparts.

She has since demanded to be paid as soon as possible

"Na kinachokera zaidi ni kwamba unajua wanajua umefanya kazi kubwa kushikilia bango kwa kiasi kikubwa kuchangia ushawishi kwenye матumizi ya kampuni zao.watu wengi/ makampuni sometimes muandharau sana wanawake kwenye upande wa malipo respect a woman who has worked her a-ss off to build her career/ what you owe me sio ombi," she added.

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Kwa Malipo Mnadharau Wanawake Wasafi Zuchu


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