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One In Two:Celebrities With Striking Resemblances But No Relations

One basic thing that makes us distingush each other is the physical appearance. Every one is always sure of owning his or her own unique facial appearance expect for the identical twins. However, some celebrities have shown us that we might be having a look alikes out their as their look alikes have been found. With me are some re known celebrities who share the same facial appearance with another person.

1. Kim Kardashian and Lela Star.

Kim Kardashian is a famous celebrity born as the first born child in the famous Kardashian family. She has been in the limelight for long due to different contreversies. Kim is married to musician Kanye West and are blessed with two kids. Kim came to know about her look alike Lela Star pictured before through the social media. Lela, though American, has no blood relations with Kim but look exactly the same but for the height. Lela is a famous avn actress and has had Kim' s husband acknowledge her resemblance to her wife.

2. Luchy Donald And Jackie Appiah.

These two are actresses from West Africa but each from a different nation. Luchy is a Nigerian while Appiah is from Ghana yet they have a striking resemblance making many confuse them for sisters or even twins. The two actresses acknowledge each other resemblance and are even too close with Luchy at one time confessing that she loves Appiah soo much. Jackie however has more than six look alikes going by what she posts on her social media accounts.

3. Ini Edo and Queen Wokoma.

Inid Edo is a veteran nigerian actress born in Enugu state. She has been in the industry for close to seventeen years and only come to know about her look alike some years ago. Queen Wokoma pictured below rose to limelight some five years ago due to he striking resemblance with Ini. The two have however maintained that they do not have any biological relations and their resemblance is just a coincidence.

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