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Jay Z's Ksh2.8 Billion Car And Savage's Ksh50 million Earrings;Expensive Purchases Owned By Rappers.

1. Lil Baby bought His Toddler son Ksh 800,00 Rolex and Ksh 2.5 Million Chain.

Lil baby is not the one to spare expenses when gift shopping. The Atlanta native bought his young son a Ksh 800,000 kid size Rolex and a ksh2.5 million seven karat diamond chain bearing his name.

2. The game purchased a Ksh 220 million Bugatti Veyron.

The Compton rapper purchased this yellow Bugatti in 2012 at a cost of Ksh 200 million.

3. Tyga's Custom made Diamond Chain cost a whooping Ksh 50 million.

The former Young money signee has a knack for purchasing expensive jewelry and this one is just one of the many he owns.

4. Drake Bought His Neighbour's House for Ksh 300 million.

After Drake's neighbor complained that the rapper's premises was too loud, Drake decided to buy the neighbors house as well.

5. Soulja Boy's remote controlled Lamborghini ona chain.

That's right the rapper spent Ksh 20 million on this miniature Lamborghini.

6. Lil Wayne's diamond studded teeth

The rap icon is widely considered by many as that greatest rapper alive. Lil Wayne had diamonds dentally implanted to his teeth at atune of Ksh 15 million.

7. 21 Savage's Diamond studded earrings.

The Atlanta native spent a whooping Ksh 50 million on a pair of diamond studded earrings

8. Jay Z's Ksh 2.8 billion car.

The richest rapper in the world is worth Ksh 100 billion so spending 2.8 billion of it on a Rolls-Royce probably didn't put a dent in his pocket.

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