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Nyota Ndogo's Daughter Advices Her To Stop Using The Name 'Nyota Ndogo' and Instead Use This

Coast based Taarabu singer Mwanaisha Abdalla or as popularly known 'Nyota Ndogo', is a proud mother and a wife to a Danish man, Henning Nielsen. Over the weekend, Nyota Ndogo found herself in a tight spot after her daughter demanded to know why the singer is known as Nyota Ndogo. Nyota Ndogo explained to her that she opted to use that name because she was too small at the beginning of her musical career.

Nyota Ndogo's Daughter: .....Kwa nini waitwa Nyota Ndogo?

Nyota Ndogo: Hilo jina nilipewa kitambo nikiwa mdogo....nikiwa naanza muziki, nilikuwa mdogo. Naulizwa na majournalists na wewe pia?

The daughter then asked her why she hasn't changed her name yet and she is a grown up now. She advised her to drop the name Nyota Ndogo and start using Nyota Mama or Nyota Kubwa.

Nyota Ndogo's Daughter: Sasa mbona usiitwe Nyota Kubwa ama Nyota Mama? Ushakuwa mkubwa. You are not small

Nyota Ndogo: Pengine niitwe Nyota bils kuweka Mama ama Nyota Kubwa. Just Nyota. 

Nyota Ndogo's Daughter: mmmmmm Nyota Mama

Nyota Ndogo has since started to refer to herself as Nyota Mama on her recent Facebook post.

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