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Sultana: Zuu Finds Maneno's Grave Open

In today's episode, Zuu will prepare herself with flowers to visit Maneno's Grave. Mwanzele will find Zuu and asks her where she is going. Zuu tells him that paying his late father's debt is not everything. Zuu reminds Mwanzele he never paid dowry and never visit his father in laws grave. Zuu visits her father's grave after every two weeks.

Mwanzele recalls the days he used to date Zuu and bring her some flowers and gifts. Mwanzele thinks it's high time to increase more love for Zuu despite being through many problems. Mwanzele also recalls the day Zuu advised him to see Salama because of kids. Zuu doesn't have any birth problems and Mwanzele is ready to work hard for Zuu to be pregnant.

Zuu will reach her father's grave and will be shocked. Zuu finds the grave open and spade aside. Zuu will be scared and run away without looking back.

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Mwanzele Zuu


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