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Why celebrities have bodyguards everywhere they go

Life is the precious gift from God. This makes Security a fundamental right to every people. Rise in insecurities, crime, murder, kidnapping, rape and many others security to a person should be taken serious prevent such from happening.

But some, more security is needed due to their huge following and interaction with many people how some may have ill-intentions towards them. Celebrities are one of the people who need security. This can be due to

1. Celebrities can be target to criminals.

There is increase in the rate of robberies and break-ins and celebrities may be a target. Due to their high lifestyle and social status may increase the chances of them being a target. 

2.Celebrities have different types of fans

Celebrities encounter with fans who may wish to give them gifts, hugs, a selfie or show them Love. others may be obsessed by then which may result to murder. a celebrity by the name Christina Grimmie, she was murdered by a fan who was infatuated with her. This makes security Curious to this celebrities.

3. Enemies

Celebrities are people, and they may have enemies who may want to cut their life short. This may be their competitor or somebody who they may hold an opposite option. This makes them venerable and thus needs of security.

4. To avoid delay or any inconvenience

Celebrities have meetings to attend, concerts, events,interview and many other things. When they encounter with their fans, they may be blocked from accessing the way and this may delay them. This makes Security crucial to them since they will be able to intersect the fans for them to pass.

5. They Might Be Pushed into a Frightening Situation

Atimes, celebrities may be provoked and act creating a drama. In presence of bodyguards they may be able to prevent a commotion which may ruin the reputation of the celebrity to her/his audience. 

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