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Edgar Obare: Milly Wajesus Ambia Love Aache Kukuumiza Roho

The Wajesus family is one of the top couples creating amazing content on social media as well as showing off nice couple goals that everyone yearns to achieve. The duo earns enough cash from YouTube, Instagram and companies that offer to pay them for adverts. It's a christian family which is composed of Kabi, Milly and son Taji. From their earnings they've been able to own a textile shop branded as Bossman shop. 

Then as usual we have our favorite tea master Edgar Obare who exposes celebrities and politicians by posting revelations made by fans. It happened that some time back Kabi was accused for neglecting his daughter. News showed that the guy sired a baby with his cousin then denied it. The baby mama thus had no other option but exposing him since he was refusing to take responsibility. However Kabi said that's a lie meant to defame him. 

Later on he accepted that he's the real father to Abby hence ready to pay for her needs. We all thought that was over and the child was being taken care of. To our shock mama Abby returned to Edgar's page expressing the pain and frustration Kabi and Milly are subjecting the child to. At that time they were in Dubai so the story was kept pending until their return. 

Upon arrival, several journalists interviewed them at the airport. A fan shared a clip of the video on what happened during the interview. Milly was spotted wearing a frowny face when Kabi talked about how amazing Abby is. She expressed her upset mood showing that Milly wasn't happy at all. On that post Edgar told Milly that she should tell her love to stop hurting her by praising the step child. 

Here's a screenshot provided on Edgar's page for evidence purposes as well as Link for the clip.

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