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9 Things not to say to a Kenyan Dj while he is working

The Weekend is here with us once again and that means one thing, it's party time. Most people across Kenya plan to go out to bars, lounges, and Clubs to have a drink or two, chill with friends, and dance to their favorite Jams.

Most Hangout Joints across Kenya mostly have deejays to cater to their clientele music needs. Different venues offer different types of music-themed entertainment depending on their Location, target crowd, or day of the week.

In Most Hangout Joint they have resident deejays, Mcs, and now and then Guest DJs are entertained to spice up entertainments. Deejays in most establishments determine what to play for their clients, take time to do their research, and work on a playlist. The playlist is determined by so many factors and most Djs execute their work diligently.

They are several things that party revelers say to DJs that piss them off. We have compiled a list of 9 things not to say to any Kenyan Dj while he is mixing. 

1. I want to hear it next.

When you walk up to the DJ and request for a song and say you want to hear it next most chances are that he will say ok and probably not play it. This includes that weird irritating birthday song request. The best way to get that birthday song played is by talking to the Dj before he starts mixing so that he can include it on his playlist. The one person who can get away with this is maybe the person paying the Dj for that Gig.

2. Weird Request and made-up song titles.

Don't walk up to the DJ box and tell the DJ "I don't know what it's called or who sang it but it goes something like this , dumm dee dap dee dee dat du, play that one." Please don't be that guy sit back relax and let the DJ Handle his business the best way he knows how. Don't sing or hum a song to a DJ as a request.

3. Everybody wants to hear it.

Saying this to a DJ will not make your request honored. The fact of the matter is you did not ask everyone in the club and they sent you as their representative, so do no tell the D.j that everyone wants to hear it and that they will dance the moment the song is played.

What does this button do?

Do not and I repeat do not walk in the DJ box and start asking what certain buttons do. Do not go ahead and press anything on the Dj box simply because they have a flashing green light and green is your color. Please don't touch anything.

Just play it off my phone.

Walking up to the DJ and asking if they can play a song from your phone is pure disrespect to the DJ and his craft. Never ask DJ to do that, if it's a certain song you want to request ask the DJ politely and if it fits his playlist he will play it.

Can you get my friends in they are at the entrance?

No D.j will leave his workstation to go get your friends at the entrance. Let your friends sought out their entrance drama.

Which songs do you have?

The DJ is there to play for everyone so if the songs he has played so far are not your favorite wait till he plays your favorite jam. DJs have a lot of songs so asking him which songs he has will not get you any answer.

Can you watch my drink while I go to the bathroom?

DJs are not the custodian of your drinks and please do not take your drinks to the DJ box. Handle your business outside the DJs box.

Can I come chill with you in the DJ booth?

Please do not ask the DJs if you can go chill at the DJ booth. That's his workstation and he needs his space to execute his role. If by any chance he says yes, give him his space and don't be all over the booth making unnecessary movements. 

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