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Sultana: "Boss Nafa" Mwanzele Is Forced To Eat Pepper

In today's episode, Babu will take Mwanzele to the far forest. Mwanzele is tired and begs him to say what he wants. Babu had planned with the village men to discipline Mwanzele for betraying them.

The village's men will start attacking Mwanzele. Mwanzele warns them and pleads for Babu to talk to them before he does something bad to them. The men will not stop and Mwanzele tells them if is about Zuu he never slapped her. Babu tells him he should be ashamed because the late Maneno gave him his daughter without any dowry.

Babu will tell Mwanzele to forget about zuu and explain what he informed Major. Mwanzele doesn't want to talk and Babu takes a lot of pepper and swears to Mwanzele he will eat them. Babu tells him to talk because Sada saw him talking to Major. Mwanzele will not say anything and Babu will force him to eat the pepper. The pepper is bitter and Mwanzele starts crying.

Mwanzele will run away and finds some water and takes it. Mwanzele calls Major and informs him that the villagers want to kill him. Mwanzele tells him that Sada saw them talking to him and the villagers want to finish him. Mwanzele tells Major that he might die by tomorrow if not taken to the hospital. Major automatically knows is Babu who did that to Mwanzele.

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