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Today's 'Patanisho' Show In Radio Jambo

'Patanisho' is a popular show in Radio Jambo that takes place every morning from 8am to 10am, the show is hosted by Giddy and Jacob Ghost.

The 'Patanisho' show is mainly about bringing together couples who have a disagreement, a part from reuniting couples, the two radio host also bringing together friends or relatives who have issues through the help of the listeners across the country.

Giddy and Ghost have reunited different people since they started the show, the most victims are mainly the young couples from the western region.

Today's show was about a young couple who lived in Kakamega town, a young man whose name is Albert called Radio Jambo and requested Giddy and Ghost to help him bring back his wife who had left him because of eating too much. When the wife was called she refused to go back to her husband, she said that her husband eats too much and she cannot stay with a man who eats too much without thinking about the future.

Despite the Giddy's efforts to convince the woman to go back to her husband his efforts bored no fruits and the woman insisted that she will not go back and she has already moved on with her life.

Most of the listeners advised the woman to leave and look for a descent man since she was young she deserves a better man who can take care of her.

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