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5 Kikuyu Songs That Can Make Drunkards Feel Motivated to Drink Some More

There are songs you can listen to and they are explaining how exactly you are feeling at the moment. Kikuyu people do love their Kikuyu songs. Musicians have a way of singing exactly how the fans want them to sing.

Here are five Kikuyu songs that can make a drunkard feel like the songs were meant for them.

With their lyrics and you tube link for some listening and reading.

1.Ngunde Ngurume by Shalkido

Simply translated : i will drink, quench my thirst, drink again and crawl

2. Ndi Mang'a by DJ Fatxo

Translates: when i drink i feel like a very rich person

3.Tukuminyua ithire by Jose Gatutura and Davy Kamoko

Direct translation: We will drink it all so that our kids wont have anything to drink

4.Utonga ni wa Ngai by Julius Kangethe (by-law)

5.Kuma na Ngori by Dj Fatxo

Dj fatxo is a proffessional dj just so you know.

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Kikuyu Shalkido


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