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Check Out This Restaurant That Pays You to Eat for Free

A free restaurant is everyone's dream as you can eat anything you want. The twist with this restaurant in America is that you can eat for free and also get paid instead of you paying for the food.

The first of these restaurants was started in America just a week ago. A well-known YouTuber by the name MrBeast has started not only one but a chain of 300 restaurants all over America where they are serving food for free while giving their customers bundles of cash. However, these restaurants have only specialized in only one type of food - burgers and fries.

The burgers have been named after the YouTuber and his friends with the main specialty being the MrBeast Burger. After being overwhelmed with the long lines at his restaurants as nobody wanted to be left behind, he decided to launch a food ordering app called MrBeast Burger so as to cater for everyone. Unfortunately, the app has been crashing as tens of thousands are trying to order at the same time and they have decided to upgrade their servers to solve the issue. Many have expressed their satisfaction in the food keeping in mind that they are also receiving cash for filling their bellies.

You can check out the video that he put up on his channel on Sunday, December 20 documenting all the hassle.

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson has continued with his philanthropic acts especially during this festive season where he and his friends want to touch the lives of people through his wealth.

Recently MrBeast, 22, made a video where he gave $1,000,000 which is approximately Kes 111,400,000 to different people especially his subscribers for them to spend in a minute. This was however proven impossible as people did not spend that amount when the timer set for one minute rang. The lucky people who participated in the challenge kept whatever they had managed to scavenge in the allocated time and some were even added extra time to complete their shopping.


MrBeast is a very thoughtful and selfless person as can be seen with the videos on his YouTube channel. He attributes all his success to his various YouTube channels with the main one having 48.4 million subscribers. With that number of subscribers, he is one of the celebrities to have over 40 million subscribers in the world even surpassing famous celebrities and artists such as Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes and many others.

Following all the content that he produced all year, he won the Creator of the Year award in the Streamy Awards. Streamy Awards are awards that are given to YouTubers all over the world who have posted exemplary content.

Content created and supplied by: TheShepherdStory (via Opera News )

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