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Sultana: Kokan Found Dead

In today's episode, Sultana will be back at their house after a fight with Kokan. Sultana seems afraid of something and calls Kaka aside. Salama will be worried and thinks Sultana is not okay. Maria thinks Sultana doesn't want her around because she never felt happy for her presence.Salama tells her to give Sultana time because she needs her the most.

Sultana will ask Kaka if is capable for keeping secret till death because she is finished. Sultana pushed Kokan and was hit by iron box on his head .As Sultana is almost saying it she will start to vomit. Salama and Maria will rush to know the problem but will find it's just normal pregnant vomit.

Kaka and Sultana will go to Kokan's house. Kaka will find blood all over and will be shocked. He will get close to Kokan and finds out is not breathing. Kaka will start sweating and informs Sultana she has killed Kokan. Kokan never survived and Sultana will not believe it and starts crying.

Kaka asks Sultana if he can inform Salama or Babu but she will refuse. Sultana can't accept that because all the villagers will call her a murderer. Sultana had been through a lot and doesn't want to be called a murderer.

Kokan has died on the series not in real life.

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