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Why A Grand Little Lie is A Big Deal

Abel Mutua's movie, A Grand Little Lie, is the first Kenyan movie that premiered October 1, 2021. He said, "Sababu ya nyinyi kutuchallenge, tumeweza kufanya our first feature film. Believe it or not 13 years tumekua kwa industry, we have never not even once been able to do a full feature film".

The production team - Phil-It Productions threw Hollywood traditions aside by taking only 8 days to shoot. This is unheard of, as full-featured films take months to film before the editing process.

This movie is a reenactment of one of the stories that Abel tells his YouTube audiences, and is probably one of the reasons why it took such a short time to produce.

Kenyan movie industry, has struggled to gunner masses in cinemas when they debut. But this was not the case during the movie's premier. Wakurugenzi, used to refer to Abel's supporters, turned up in droves to celebrate and witness history in the making.

A misconception is that Kenyans are only consumers of TV content only. Therefore, the lack of direct distribution to consumers as is the case with TV shows means potential income is being lost. This small oversight has led to many great movies being shelved.

By distributing the movie online through purchased watch links, people can watch the movie online. This ingenious method will see future and even past movies being brought online, as it is now clear that people want Kenyan movies.

The movie is about Joe, who lies to his boss to please his girlfriend. This little lie blows up in his face as a cascade of unfortunate events follow him.

The movie's online version, released on October 8, 2021, can be purchased on Even though it would only set you back Sh 200, you would own the watch link; meaning you get to watch it as many times as you like.

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