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Video:Kalonzo Joins Famous Comedian in Acting a Comedy Video That has Left Kenyans Talking

Kenyans were wowed today after a video of Comedian Crazy Kenar featuring former Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka in His Comedy went viral hence sparking mixed reactions. Various High profile individuals in the Country also commented on the same.

According to the Video, Crazy Kenar was standing with Kalonzo Musyoka on a tree posing as students and hiding from their teacher with reasons of not submitting their assignments on time. They were then discussing on ways to lure the teacher into falling for their tricks.

Kenar now tells Kalonzo that they should tell their teacher that they did not submit their assignments because they took the time to revise to pass exams. Kalonzo agrees to the whole arrangements.

"Hey Steve You are also outside here like me, and not submitted your assignment. So let's to this, if the teacher finds us, we will tell Him that we were revising for the exams and that is why we had no time to do assignments." Kenar told Kalonzo Musyoka.

However, when the teacher appears, Kalonzo disappeared immediately without Kenar Knowing and He went back to class, did the assignment and even submitted while Kenar was kneeling Down waiting for punishment. Furthermore, Kalonzo lied to Kenar that He got 5% but it turned out to be 75%.

"Hello teacher, Here is my assignment, I completed it a few minutes ago." Kalonzo tells the teacher.

Many Kenyans have come with an assumption that the Comedian wanted to insist and inform Kenyans of the Cunning and 'Watermelon' behavior of Kalonzo Musyoka because of the betrayals that He has done to His fellow alliance members in the past years.

Others However applauded Kalonzo for deciding to work with a simple Comedian as a way of uplifting the local comedy despite the position that He is Holding in the society, being one of the most Powerful Men who held the position of the deputy president.

Kalonzo is known for His political games, where He has gone against the agreements of fellow Politicians, with intentions of having His own political gains. This made Kenyans come up with a name 'Watermelon' to refer to Him.

Please click on the link below to watch the video and drop your comments on the same.

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