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11 Proven Habits That Men Hate In Women.

Not to generalize, but every gender has some traits that the other dislikes.

We can’t hide the fact that women are more complicated than men. So, this one is for you beautiful ladies, watch out for these few things you might be doing that men really dislike.

Do you do any of these things?

1.) Bringing up and talking about your Exes

Men hate it when you talk about your ex -boyfriend especially if you do it all the time or bring up details. It’s okay to have the conversation about exes but you shouldn’t dwell on it or mention them too much or compare him to your man because it’s a big turnoff for a lot of men.

2.) Talking to your Friends about Anything and Everything in your relationship.

It’s OK to share certain concerns with trusted friends or family members, but be selective of who you’re sharing this sensitive information with. Keep intimacy intimate and respect your husband. Most guys appreciate privacy so try to keep your fights or issues between the two of you.

3.) You hate admitting when you are wrong

You can make huge mistakes, but you don’t love to admit when it’s your fault. Men hate it when you can’t admit to being wrong and apologizing. Find some middle ground and admit your faults.

4.) Too much pressure.

It’s great for you to push him further, give him motivation and apply some pressure so he will work hard towards his goals. However, it does not get as endearing anymore when you overdo it and cross the line. No guy likes a bossy girlfriend or female friend who thinks they know it all, pressuring him every day and every minute will likely push him away.

 5.) You lack defined goals

This doesn’t happen often, but it can when you get too complacent. When you start to think you have it all, you stop paying attention and live in your own world of bliss and fantasy. No guy likes this type of a lady.

6.) Bringing Up Old things Every Time you Fight

We all hold grudges, and it comes out involuntarily especially when we’re really hurt. It’s okay to learn from past mistakes but once you’ve talked about it and forgiven it you shouldn’t hold it against the other person and bring it up in every single time you fight. Unless they do it repeatedly and it really bothers you.

7.) You don't do a single house-wifey duties.

We're in the 21st century where both Men and women are working nowadays and we don’t want to start on the gender equality. However, you as a woman you are supposed to handle all the Wifey duties and your man will also support you.

8.) Not Giving them their Personal Space

Don’t be too clingy, men hate it when they feel like you’re trying to control their life and take up all their free time. They like to be in control of their decisions and you need to give them the space to do other things they like, they’ll always make time for you.

9.) Lack of privacy 

This is when maybe you know your husband's cellphone password, or his wallet is in plain sight, or he has tasked you to put some private papers in the drawer, then you end up looking through them. Men know this and it bothers them. You should have enough trust in your relationship that you don't feel like you have to prove your man's honesty by secretly looking through his phone.

10.) Being too Dramatic

Men think women are cute when they act childish in a fun way, they like feeling needed and that you count on them for support but sometimes it’s a bit too much. Acting like a baby to get attention is a huge turnoff. They hate it when you start nagging, complaining and not admitting it when you’re wrong.

11.)Not Giving them Enough Attention

Men sometimes need attention too, so if you’re always out with your friends, not taking care of them or their needs and not making them feel that they are needed or wanted they will definitely rethink about the relationship.

Godfrey Munoko.

Content created and supplied by: GodfreyMunoko (via Opera News )


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