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Unajua Kuiba Mabwana Za Watu: Karen Nyamu's Response After She Was Confronted In Public

Singer Samidoh with city politician Karen Nyamu. [Photo | Courtesy]

Controversial city politician has been a subject of discussion ever since it was discovered that she was in a relationship with gospel musician Samidoh. Samidoh reportedly cheated on his wife with the politician even had a child out of wedlock. The singer accepted his mistake and issued a public apology to his fans. He even released a song in which he asked for forgiveness from God.

Karen Nyamu on the other hand found herself at the center of criticism when she leaked a controversial video that featured her and Samidoh. The leakage allegedly stemmed from a disagreement between the two. She even openly hinted that she was willing to be Samidoh's second wife.

Singer Samidoh with city politician Karen Nyamu. [Photo | Courtesy]

The mother of one was heavily criticized for trying to snatch another woman's husband. Several weeks later and the politician is still facing criticism despite her effort to distance herself from controversy.

A fan recently confronted the politician publicly on social media and told her that she was a husband snatcher. The fan expressed himself in the comment section of a social media post that Karen Nyamu had published.

City politician Karen Nyamu. [Photo | Courtesy]

Karen Nyamu had posted a Bible verse that spoke of God's protection. The fan was however not convinced that Karen Nyamu was a religious person.

"Wewe sasa bible unajua kuiba mabwana za watu unajua pia nini ingine unajua," the comment from the netizen read.

A screenshot of the altercation between Karen Nyamu and the critic. [Photo | Courtesy]

Interestingly enough, Karen Nyamu went ahead to respond to the critic. She sarcastically noted that she was able to multitask various activities including stealing other ladies' husbands.

"Naweza multitask," Karen Nyamu's response read.

The altercation attracted varied reactions with the majority of the netizens coming out to support the politician.

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