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Artist Mzazi Willy M Tuva Opens Up About Rejection And Betrayal From His First Love Saddah


It is amazing and pleasing when people fall in love to each other. Love is beautiful thing and those in love can testify this.

Mzazi Will M Tuva the Mambo Mseto East Africa's presenter can explain this in details. According to this creative, he first realized that he had fallen in love when he was in class seven. This happened immediately when he met one of the beautiful and rocking lady called Saddah.

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According to this artist Saddah was an angel(Nurulain) that fell from heaven. Indeed for a child(class seven boy) to spot such beauty explains it all that this was a really jewel, a crush and love at the first site.

According to Willy M Tuva Saddah was the troublesome and hard to catch because she always played hard to get. With determination and feelings of love for this rare jewel, Willy M Tuva did not give up. He kept on chasing and patiently waited her to accept his proposal and be his wife.


All the way from class 7 to high school years M Tuva kept on chasing her magical lady and finally managed to win her soul. This happened because of his patient, determination, persistence, perseverance and consistency chase.

However, despite his might effort to study very hard and settle down with her long term girlfriend, another man w ho seemed better than him financially came and married the love of his life. This happened when he was in University doing his media and communication studies.

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The radio presenter says that loosing his first wife could have been caused and accelerated by Saddah's single mother, who may be wanted her daughter to marry a stable man(truck driver). This man may be would also provide for their family.

As hurting and painful as it was for this vigilant artist to lose the love of his life he had to accept the bitter truth and move on.The rejection and betrayal from Saddah did not hold him back. He later got married and he is now living a happy life with his blessed family. He got to learn the power and importance of persistence, perseverance and patience.

photos( courteousy)

We should know that it does not matter how long you will have wait for your soulmate to come into your life. The truth is it will finally come to be and you will live a happy and blessed life with your family. So let's be patient all shall be well. Congratulations to Mzazi Willy M Tuva who persevered and waited patiently to meet his finally soulmate.

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