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Xtian Dela Reveals The Tough Life Men Experience In Marriage With Women Who Never Give Them Peace

Xtian Dela is a popular social media influencer and aspiring to join the 2022 general elections. He's been a blogger for quite some time, doing several revelations about celebrities, lifestyles and the problems people face in marriages. Following his daily posts, one of his fans came out to express his pain that he's going through in marriage. 

This brought the topic of discussion, where people made confessions about the troubles men face in their families while trying to commit themselves to satisfy their family needs but women can't give them peace. One complainant really expressed his pain by saying that his wife doesn't give him a break. Yes he loves his children very much but the only place he finds peace is at work and sometimes just opts to sleep in the car. The only remaining option for him is to leave silently but he'll still take care of his kids. 

So people offered him advice, urging him to settle down the issues and if it's not possible then just let her go. Maybe the lady is cheating or has found someone who's better and wants to push the husband to the edge so that he can leave. This now leaves one with unanswered questions because maybe he did something wrong without knowing. It's the woman's responsibility to open up and talk about what she finds annoying in that man. 

Women also came out in their own defense and said that sometimes men pretend to be good. One said that her boyfriend used to show her the best love and treatment, but after she became attached to him everything turned into a nightmare. The guy started giving her emotional torture, she fought hard for the relationship but she was just harming herself. The only remaining chance was to let him go, better than maintaining a monster in her life. 

I think at this point every gender is fighting to be heard and blaming each other for failed marriages. We're yet to come up with a common understanding about such situations, so you are free to share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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