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Meet Magdalene Kalembe, Widow to Kalembe Ndile

Magdalene Kalembe is widow to the late Kalembe Ndile as well a lady focused more into family business. She is also a mother of a total ten children with 6 of them being adopted kids whom she takes care for. It's clear however that unlike her late husband she prefers keeping off public limelight for personal reasons.

Magdalene Kalembe has raised her kids to be professionals as well despite her not having too much formal education. It's clear even her husband was not that learned for he never spoke English even once in parliament rather in Swahili.

Magdalene Kalembe has focused more on things that however can uplift her family to the next ladder. It's of course clear that she is currently the family icon and the glue that holds them together to ensure they remain united just like envisaged by their late father.

Ours is just to wish Magdalene Kalembe all the best as we move into the future of course bearing in mind that she is a highly informative lady. She is also strong in many ways having been the engine of the family to this far even after the untimely death of her husband.

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