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Samidoh Replies Sarcastically to a Fan's Harsh Question on His US Tour

Samidoh is currently on his USA music tour that will come to an end on 18th of December 2021. The musician who also serves as an Administration Police has a tight but yet exciting schedule as he is entertaining his fans in the most Luxurious cities of USA.

A fan on Facebook posed a question to Samidoh asking him how he is dealing with conjugal affairs when his body since both of his wives are in Kenya.

"How do you handle your conjugal needs and all your wives are in Kenya? Dami ikichemka na mabibi wako mbali how do you control it?" read the Facebook post.

Samidoh must have found the question kinda awkward and too personal. He decided to reply in a sarcastic way by asking the fan what would cause a heat up. " What would make my body heat up? Did you see me travel with charcoal or a gas Cooker?" Samidoh asked. 

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