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Zora: Madiba And His Family Back in The Village

Yesterday episode Madiba and his family were chased away by Milton and today they will move at the village at Gerald's place. Fila and Lila will complain about the place and asks his father why he likes making them to suffer but Madiba will tell them they have no other place to stay and they have to bear with the place because it's their only home. Zalena will also warn Fila and Lila to stop disrespecting their father.

Madiba will take Zalena and Kwame to show them Gerald's land. Madiba will show them his shares of land and Kwame too but he tells Kwame he has to sell his land because he has no enough money to pay a lawyer because he has a pending case of killing Alma and Yola is a witness. Madiba will leave and takes his girls to see Mr.Simba.

Mr. Simba will welcome them and introduced them to Fiata. Fila and Lila will like the place because of the big house and cows. Fiata will leave to prepare something for them.

Mr. Simba will tell Fila and Lila to go and say hi to the cows. Madiba will then tell Mr.Simba that he and his family have moved to stay in the village. Mr. Simba will welcome him and he will be happy to have Gerald's junior around him.

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