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Coded Message For Socialite Amber? Jamal's Wife Critic Post About A 'Slayqueen' Getting Married

A few weeks ago, Nairobi's bussiness man Jamal Rohosafi's wife took to her instagram stories and exposed Kenyan socialite Amber Ray for alledgedly befriending her, before she snatched her husband.Through questions and answers segment on her instagram stories, Jamal's wife Amira explained to the public of how socialite Amber befriended her as they are neighbours, and later got into a romantic relationship with her husband.After being asked if she was going to leave Jamal, Amira clarified that she was only the legal wife to Jamal and that she was not going anywhere. Jamal and Amira have been married for over fifteen years now and are blessed with two handsome boys.

As things started getting messier, Jamal took to his instagram account to clarify the situation he had gotten himself into. Jamal revealed to the public that he was the one who pursued Amber Ray and later married her.

Yesterday, Jamal's wife took to her instagram stories and posted a controvesial video, of why a 'slayqueen' finds any need of getting married.In th video, one woman poses the question, why a 'slayqueen' may find it appropriate to get married, yet all she does is to sit on her laptop all day, and taking care of her extra long nails. The woman in the video compared the nails to that of a grave digger.The video seemed to attack Jamal's second wife Amber Ray. Amira did not provide a way to copy the link to the video so I couldn't post the video. What do you think of the message? Share with us your opinions in the comment section.

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