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5 Popular Celebrities With The Most Expensive Cars

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Flo Rida- Bugatti Veyron $1. 7 million

Flo Rida doesn' t just have an ordinary Bugatti Veyron. He has golden veyron worth $1. 7 million. Of course he couldn' t find a Veyron flamboyant enough for his tastes, so he had his custom painted. We bet the auto repair bills on a car like this is a nightmare. He could probably just buy a new one, though.

Kanye West– Lamborghini Aventador ($750, 000)

Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian have made a name for themselves with the controversial lives they lead and the crazy things they say on television. But that is not all that defines the superstar rapper. Kanye West also owns several expensive rides, among them a $750, 000 Lamborghini Aventador.

Rick Ross– Maybach 57 ($407, 000)

The Maybach 57 Coupe is one of Mercedes- Benz' s most ostentatious cars to date, so naturally Rick Ross owns one. The wildly successful rapper stuffs his verses with braggadocio about wealth and power, which is undeniably validated by the Maybach 57' s ultra- premium features.

David Beckham Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead ($500, 000)

Over the past decade, David Beckham has shot from niche soccer fame to full- on celebrity stardom. With an onslaught of endorsements, the English superstar has been able to afford an impressive coterie of luxury vehicles. His sleek and extravagant Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead is one of his most expensive modes of transport

Jay Z– Maybach Exelero ($7 Million)

Now this is the definition of a limited edition vehicle. The Exelero was built in 2004 and was first owned by rapper, Bryan ' Birdman' Williams, and later sold to Jay- Z at a mind- boggling figure.

Not only is the Maybach Exelero an extremely expensive celebrity- owned vehicle, but it' s also one of the rarest vehicles in the world that you won' t find in a showroom.

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