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Michael Scoffield Explains The Reason Why He Has Decided To Quit Prison Break Series After Long Time

Prison Break is a series movie which has been loved by many people across the world. The American movie usually involves inmates escaping from a tightly guarded prison with the help of a highly intelligent prisoner. 

The movie first aired in the mid-2000s and made a comeback in 2017. It has been one of the favorite series of movie lovers across the world.

Prison Break lovers have suffered a blow as they wait for season six of the movie which is said to be coming soon. The mastermind actor by the name Wentworth Miller has quite the series giving his reason for doing so.

Wentworth Miller who is normally known as Michael Scoffied said that he has done playing as a straight character that is why he was quitting. Michael Scoffield became famous after his tattooed body was a roadmap of breaking out of numerous prisons he had been jailed.

Other actors such as Dominic Purcell also known as Lincoln Burrows, who acted as Michael Scoffield brother wished him well and said he understands his reasoning. Sarah Wayne Calies also is known as Sara Tancredi who was Michael Scoffied' wife in the series and also a nurse said she is supporting Scoffied choice.

Other popular actors in the series include T Bag and Sucre and Alex Mahorn. 

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