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Juma Jux Can’t Just Seem To Move On From Venessa Mdee

The famous Tanzanian actress and song artist Venessa Mdee posted something on her Instagram page that caught people’s attention.

In as much as her post was somehow seeming to be a motivational message, it also seemed to be directed to her ex-boyfriend Juma Jux.

“Tabia ya kutia Neno Kwa Kila Jambo basi ti ili uonekane na wewe una mtazamo zingine. Wacha vingine. Kama Hauna

What she meant could be translated to:

” The behaviour of having an opinion on everything so that you can seem to be more informed or having a say is st#pid. Allow some things to pass you by especially if you don’t have help to offer. Just be kind.” She posted.

” People are suffering in silence about Manny things they won’t speak about. Be kind, not everything needs an opinion. Just be kind!” She stressed.

This post was about a song Juma Jux produced recently and it seems like it was specially composed for her.

It is important to note that Venessa Mdee is currently in a long term relationship with an American singer and Actor Rotimi.

They already have a child together and the two lovebirds permanently moved to the United States last year and have been staying there and minding their business.

Venessa seems to be happy from the pictures she posts of her and her lover Rotimi.

In an interview, Rotimi tried to explain what exactly was going on because his latest release ‘Sina ubaya’ was rumoured to be directed to Vennessa Mdee.

He said:

“We can break up but we don’t have to be enemies because life goes in. If you miss me, call me. You can be With your guy but call me” he said this about the song.

” After the relationship, it’s not a must to create enmity” he lamented.

Seems like Juma Jux can’t just move on from Venessa Mdee after all those years.

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