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Sultana: Mbuya Wishes To Mercilessly Beat Kaka And Dida Intends To Visit Him

In today's episode, Mbuya tells Kaka that he heard everything that he spoke with Mwanzele. Mbuya asks Kaka why is playing with Dida because he has plans to marry another girl. Kaka tells him that he loves Dida but the village girl was brought by his parents. Mbuya asks Kaka if Dida is aware is getting married and Kaka says no because he doesn't want to hurt her. Mbuya will be annoyed and tells Kaka if his leg was okay could have beaten him mercilessly with the walls.

Dida calls Kaka and informs him is coming to his house to stay. Dida tells him that he can't continue leaving with the Majors because as she makes a step to look for his father they always bring her down, especially her mother.

Kaka doesn't know what to do because Dida is coming and Mbuya is in the house. Mbuya tells him he should have stopped Dida from coming by telling her is getting married. Kaka tells him not to think of himself only because he has struggled a lot with Dida to look for him.

Kaka tells Mbuya he has to leave because he can't allow a girl child to suffer. Mbuya tells him to think of something because if gets out all his life will be meaningless. Kaka tells him that Dida is tired that's why she's deciding to come and stay with him. Mbuya will be sorry to Kaka. Kaka tells him not to think of himself only and learn to think about other people.

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