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Fatima and Sada on A Fight, Here's What happened

Fatima had come from Buya's house after she went and wanted to kill Buya but luckily He did not die but Fatima think that he is dead. She came and locked herself in the her room and while she was thinking what to do to Sada, sada came and confronted her to come out of the room if she is really a woman and ready to fight with Her.

Fatima was shocked to here that Dada knows all what she did to Buya and she decided to text mejja to come back home. She then decided to come out of her room and face Sada. Sada slapped her and Bi ua and Asia loved at her. They started fighting each other until Asia came and separated them.

Sada told Fatima that the police are coming for her and she should be ready because she is going to pay all the evils she has done to Buya by trying to kill him with no success. When Fatima heard of the police she was lost of words because she knew that indeed the police will come for her and she will be arrested

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