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Cute Photo Of Amberay And Rapudo's Daughter Bonding And Slaying After Getting Into A Blended Family

Amberay is one of the most famous female socialites who post a lot on social media. Amber posts her content on social media revealing how things are getting along with her family. She's one of those celebs owning top beauty businesses. On the same note, she's a brand ambassador for various companies that she advertises for them.

Amberay is currently dating a guy identified as Kennedy Rapudo. They've been in a relationship for a while now and things are getting along fine. The couple is now sharing cute vibes having good times as a family as they moved in to the same house yesterday. They're now living together as husband and wife.

Amber is a mother of one son Gavin, and Rapudo is also a father of one daughter. They decided to create a blended family where each of them came in with a kid. They're all now living under one roof with the children.

Today Amberay shared a beautiful photo of herself stepping out slaying with Rapudo's daughter. They two seemed to get along very well. From the look of things the daughter has already bonded with Amberay.

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