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Top 3 Richest Hollywood Actors In The World.

1. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is one of the best actors of all time. He has acted in many great action movies since the 1980s. His movies include the Mission Impossible franchise, Magnolia, Edge of Tomorrow, The Mummy, Top Gun, Jack Reacher, American Made, Risky Business, Rain Man, War of the World, Knight and Day and many other high selling movies. The American actor and producer is the richest Hollywood actor with an estimated net worth of 570 million dollars.

2. George Timothy

George Timothy is known for acting in the Ocean's franchise. He has won three Golden Globe Awards and two Academy awards. His other movies include The Midnight Sky, Batman and Robin, Up in the Air, From Dusk Till Dawn, Gravity, The Descendants, The American and many other great action movies. Timothy's net worth is estimated to be 500 million dollars making him the second richest Hollywood actor in the world.

3. Mel Gibson

The American actor and filmmaker is best known for starring as Max in the series Mad Max. His movies include Lethal Weapon, Hacksaw Ridge, The Passion of the Christ, Brave Heart, Fatman, What Women Want, The Beaver and Blood Faith. Gibson won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award in 1995. Mel Gibson is the third richest Hollywood actor with an estimated net worth of 245 million dollars.

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