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Zora: The Person Behind The Will Forgery That Has Left Madiba, Kwame, Yola, and Nana Surprised

Zora drama series is currently the best as secrets are being revealed. In the next episode, Zalena is behind the will forgery where he bribed the lawyer to forge the will although things never went as she expected.

Zelena's mission is to stop Nana from acquiring the properties as the will was stated. Before Mr. Oliver died he left a will behind that was going to be shared against his family wherein the will Nana was supposed to get the share.

For the reasons Zalena who is selfish is trying hard to interfere with the will where she has even gone far of Forging the will papers by using the Lawyer.

Zalena who missions failed has left Nana, Yola, Kwame, Madiba, and Aunt Loretta surprised that made them angry against her. Nana has now started showing her bad character where she has even started abusing Madiba and Kwame and telling them to respect her as their mum.

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