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Making It Into The Music Industry

Music has been the main cause of success to many music superstars and celebrities.And through music these people have been able to(for those that came from a humble background) lift themselves up and reach heights they never thought they could.

But for one to be successful through music,one must be successful in making music itself.You see if making music that would stop anyone from doing anything and dance to it was easy, trust me the global success rate would be way higher since most people would have already shifted to the music industry.

This means that it takes more than just wanting to make a hit song and expect to make money out of it.You've got to have passion for it and trust me if it's a talent for you,all you need is the will to keep pushing.

What do I mean when I say keep pushing.You obviously can't just wake up, make a song knowing you are new in the industry and expect it to hit the world.This industry requires popularity,big time.So your job is to ensure your song has gotten out there as far as it could possibly get.You need need to let people know what you are doing by choosing a platform to be using.

We've got countless social platforms; YouTube, Instagram,Tiktok, just to mention a few.So you've made a song,one of the ways to popularise your song is to choose a platform to share your work with.But since you are looking for viewers,downloads of your music or fan or all of the above,I would suggest you to use as many platforms as you can for as long as it's a place where people look for content exactly like or similar to yours.

It very obvious you'll never be able to impress everyone who comes across your work.You'll get rejected,booed or even discriminated due to various reasons such as age,race and many other reasons.We should all know good things don't always come easy.You have to fight and endure anything or anyone blocking you from achieving your goal.Show persistence and better your best.If anyone tries to tear you down and in one way or the other they succeed, just get back up,wipe your self up and don't give up.

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