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Take A Look At What Celebrities Had To Say About Edgar Obare's Alleged "Wash Wash" Claims.

Jalang'o, Tanasha Donna, and Prezzo are among the celebrities who have stepped out to clear the air after renowned gossip writer Edgar Obare made devastating charges about how they get their money.

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Felix Odiwuor, widely known as Jalang'o, a radio host and comedian, said he never imagined anyone would ask how he made his money.

"I never imagined that one day, someone would question my ethics and how I generate my money and accuse me or publish something that makes me appear like a phony," Jalang'o added.

He continued, saying: "On my father's grave, I have never stolen from anyone, nor have I ever been involved in any dishonest or unscrupulous transactions. To me, it has always been about hustle, and it has never changed; if it were that simple to get money, everyone would do it."

The comedian went on to list his sources of riches, which included being a brand ambassador for several firms, presenting events, running a media agency, and being a radio presenter.

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Tanasha Donna, a singer, also took to Instagram to dismiss the charges, calling them "made lies."

"I'm not usually one to discuss issues, but YO! All of these bogus rumors are out of hand. "How can someone wake up one day and decide to concoct a false story for the sake of gaining attention?" Tanasha wrote.

The Gere hitmaker, whose blue BMW was at the center of the allegations, stated that she worked hard to get everything she has.

"I work extremely hard for my s**t! I bought everything I own today with my own hard-earned money and work. Don't mention my name in your nonsense. Some of you are sickening,"She continued.

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Rapper Jackson Ngechu Makini, aka Prezzo, sent a mysterious message on Instagram: "Fellow Kenyans, the only tea on which you should rely is Kericho tea. Story za osha osha mwachieni huyo Dish washer!"

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