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Saturday Special: Laugh With These Jokes And Meme Pictures

Comedian funny bone once said if you listen or read my jokes and you don't laugh, it means my your problem is bigger than my jokes. Lolz.

• Nowadays, boys don’t do hit and run again. They will hit, hit, hit, hit and hit again. My Sister, you’ll run away yourself.???

• Girls and 2k are like 5 and 6. Whenever you receive a message from a girl saying Tunde please I need your help, just reply her with "I don't have 2k I am broke".

• Witchcraft can simply be defined as a situation whereby you entered your room, slept on your bed 🛌🏻and when you woke up you saw you and your mattress at the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

• My babe come my house with a fine hand bag, heavy make up, Brazilian hair worth #100,000, IPhone X but she come still ask me for #100 transport fare.

• Last night I had a dream and I was kissing my neighbour's daughter but this morning she saw me and pretended like nothing happened. Girls can pretend ooh

• This life na only two things day involved. If you nor marry you are on your own, if you marry, two things involved: it's either you marry Angel of God or Angel of devil. If you marry Angel you at safe but if you marry Angel of devil, two things involved; it's either she get anger spirit or she day beat you. If she get anger spirit, you are safe but if she day beat you, two things involved. It's either she beat you, you start to day cry or you faint. If you cry, you are safe but if you faint, na only one thing ooo.

Women will always tell you that men can cheat and tell lies, but they seem to forgeting that "What a man can do, a woman can do better"... Guys are you with me?

• Nor be say I nor go school ooo, I go and I know book well well. Shebi a noun is a name of any Pepsi, Amina Place or Tina?

• I never knew the power of weed until I saw a 90years old man telling me he wants to be a lawyer when he grows.

• My brother hustle oo make your pikin nor go say yeye daddy where you day when your mate day do yahoo day make money? Others day hustle your day strike your rod on the rock.

• A real woman is that one who stays up all night to kill mosquitoes while you sleep. Choose your wife carefully guys.

If after reading this you didn't laugh, like or share this post then e mean say we need to settle your matter.

Remember, don’t kill yourself over someone who fail to value or see ur worth because someone somewhere is willing to buy all your friends suya just to get your number.

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Lolz Tunde


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