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Sultana: Sada Orders Bi Ua To find Major's Lawyer In Order To Get Fatima Out Of The House

In tomorrow's episode, Sada will meet Bi Ua in her room. Sada tells her that she has the means to throw Fatima out of the house. Bi Ua will be happy and Sada stops her and tells her she must pay her back. Bi Ua tells her if is about the documents and title deeds she will find them. Sada tells her Major is not a fool and can't keep the documents in the house.

Sada goes on and tells Bi Ua she must find Major's lawyer and leave the rest to her. Bi Ua asks her how she will find the lawyer and she rarely knows Major's friends. Sada tells her not to pretend because Major is her husband and must know.

Sada then tells Bi Ua she has given her few hours to find the lawyer and doesn't care where she will find him. Sada tells her to make it fast before Fatima snatches her husband.

Bi Ua has to decide whether to find Major's lawyer or wait for Fatima to snatch her husband.

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