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ANOTHER ONE: A rare glimpse of Eric Mathenge with Dj Fatxo. Mathenge Died Last Year July

This photo captures a moment frozen in time, a rare glimpse of Eric Mathenge with DJ Fatxo. But let me be clear, this is not a mere attention-grabbing ploy. For Eric, this photo is all that remains of a life cut tragically short. He died last year, in July, after falling from the fifth floor of a building in Githurai. And no, that was not his home. The police collected his broken body at 5am, while his friends looked on in horror, powerless to save him.

Eyewitnesses reported that it was a suicide, but I refuse to believe that. The case has been with the DCI for months, yet there has been no progress. No arrests have been made, no justice has been served. It's a tragedy that should never have happened, and one that cries out for accountability. I do not mean to imply that DJ Fatxo was in any way involved in Eric's death. But the coincidence is striking. And it's a reminder that in this world, anything can happen. Today, we fight for #justiceforjeff. Tomorrow, we may be fighting for someone else's justice.

[SOURCE: Simon Muthiora]

I can only imagine the pain that Eric's family must be feeling. But there is one thing that I know for sure: his mother was a true warrior. She bore the unbearable weight of her grief for a whole month, but even she could not overcome the pain of losing a child so senselessly. She passed away, leaving behind a world that is colder and darker without her.

So let us pray for justice, for Eric, for Jeff, and for anyone who has suffered a similar fate. May those who are responsible for these tragedies be held accountable, and may we never forget the ones we have lost. Rest in peace, young men.

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