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How I Ride On Birthdays To Commemorate My Advancements-Benjamin Zulu

People are fond of handling every birthday with utmost importance. When in real sense birthdays ought to be annual commemorations of advancement and positive motion. You must be conscious of how you live your everyday life least you be through mindless repetition of mistakes and recycling of foolish deeds. You do not deserve a celebration if you can not make anything out of 12 months of your life but rather a visit to the department of corrections at the barracks.

For people merely surviving managing one more year has always been a heroic feat. You should rather measure your days by the quality of of your life and the impact you have on your generation than the quantity of years you live.

Trees add a ring to their steam every year. This marks a new layer of growth. It is imperative to add a mark of growth to your life alongside your fancy birthday celebrations. Put up beacons on every new spot of life you arrive during your birthdays. Toss and pin photographs on your wall as a memorial of that graduation, opened business or plot bought.

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