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Gorgeous TV Host Tells Why She Never Attends Invites From Different People

Wambui Wa Muturi is a renowned media personality who works at the Royal Media Services and most specifically Inooro Tv and Inooro Fm. The mother of one loves spending her time on her own whereby she is so reserved. Wambui at times is not seen on various occasions, unlike other media personalities.

Climbing the ladder of success is not an easy task. As the famous saying of Mahatma Gandhi goes, "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." However, things might change once to taste the sweet taste of success, you mustn't let the air get into your head.

Always remember the people who helped you, no matter how talented you are and irrespective of the heights you have climbed. It wouldn't be possible without help from others. Always remember their contribution, and stay humble and true to yourself. It will help you find added purpose in life and make you feel good.

People often forget their beginnings after attaining a certain level of success, the way your life is and the way your life was will be different. But never forget where you started from, always treat everyone with equal respect and dignity.

In the recent past, Wambui Muturi stated that she is tired of people inviting her to various occasions. At times when friends need something from you,u they always keep calling you, sending messages to you, and also they keep reminding you of the event.

Fortunately, after they accomplish their purpose, they celebrate their success on social media. They never invite you to celebrate together as a form of appreciation. "This is the reason why she stopped emotional giving," She tells.

In life, it's good to appreciate the good deeds people do for you. Moreso by spending time with you, and contributing their money and resources to you.

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