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Photos: Karen Nyamu’s Most Outrageous Moments

Throughout her lifetime Karen Nyamu hasn’t shied away from controversy. In fact, she has a tendency to stir the pot. Whether she’s speaking her mind or talking about something she does not agree with, Karen is nothing if not vocal about her beliefs.

When it comes to OMG moments the city lawyer who shares two children with Samidoh is often front and center.

Keep watching to see times Karen Nyamu went too far.

1. smoking weed publicly

In 2019, Karen Nyamu left many of her followers in shock after sharing a photo of her smoking something that looked like weed. At that time, Karen had attended the finals of the annual Koth Biro football tournament at Umeme Grounds in Ziwani. The sexy lawyer went ahead and shared multiple photos of the event and captioned them: “Mbogi yangu ya power”, however, netizens were quick to criticize her after noticing that among the photos shared, Karen had been spotted smoking weed publicly.

Netizens wondered how a whole lawyer would break the laws that govern the country by smoking something that is considered illegal in Kenya.

Karen responded to her critics by asking them why they are not acknowledging her sponsorship of the tournament.

2. Dating a married man.

it is every woman’s dream of having her own husband, but according to Karen, seems that she does not believe in finding herself her own husband in fact she believes in sharing is caring.

Karen Nyamu’s name went platinum in 2020 after it was revealed that she was romantically involved with Kikuyu benga star Samidoh. Knowing very well that the police officer was married, Karen never cared about her reputation as a public figure she went ahead and wrecked Samidoh’s home in fact she even lured him into her traps and offered her body as a burnt offering to Samidoh resulting in their first child together.

The two tried to keep their affair under wraps but eventually, Karen let the cat out of the bag after naming her son Sam junior. A few months later Karen went online and revealed to her followers that she was expecting a second child with Samidoh despite her being mistreated by the singer.

Ever since their affair became public, the two have been serving their followers with endless Dramas online. While a section of netizens called Karen Nyamu a home wrecker, claims that Karen vehemently denied and even advised her fellow women to cease dating married men.

“Do not date a married man period. But if you must don’t date a man who disrespects or neglects his wife. Also know your place. Never compete, if you want to compete please wachana na bwana ya wenyewe.” she said.

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