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10 Things You Did Not Know About The Movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy"

Can you still remember the movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy?" However old it may be, this movie is among the most interesting movies produced by South Africa. This is a 1980 movie that became the first and most financially successful release in the history of South Africa filming industry. Some people saw it as a racist movie.

A coke bottle was the main foundation of this movie. It begins with a coke bottle that was found by the main actor Xi and his people in the desert. The coca-cola bottle was from an aeroplane. It landed without breaking. The people assumed it was a gift from the gods and decided to carry it home. However, it was only one and could not be possibly possessed by one person at a time. This way, it becomes a curse and Xi willingly accepts to take it away. On his way, he meets some strange people. They arrest him after trying to poach a goat to feed himself. When they realised that he could not survive, he is released and used as a guide. This was the beginning of a new adventure. The story continues and with time, Xi learns new things. Some kids, who he claims to be his are also included in the movie.

This is just the foundation of this movie. It further extends to part two and three. If you have never seen it, I advise you to give it a try. There are also a few things that you may want to know about it.

1. It ran one theatre for so long that the reels burned up

The reels had to be discarded. This was because they were too damaged that they could not be repaired. The damage was caused by the long period that the film ran in one theatre. It ran for 532 consecutive days.

2.The production team consisted of less than thirty men

The director of the movie wanted the production to consist of only men and they were all novices on top of it. He said that he did this intentionally so that everyone could listen to him and not come up with some idea that they knew better.

3. During its release the film was the world's biggest non-us box office hit

This movie managed to get a lot of views. It still watched by some people even presently. A lot of films were not able to compete with US films when it came to box office except this movie. It was alluring and attractive. People found it interesting that they had to watch it at least once.

4. None of the people who were shown in the film received royalties

To me, this is so sad. How can such efforts go unpaid? This is true. None of the Khoisan people featured in the film received any royalties. Even to my esteemed readers, do you think this was fair?

5. The director suffered a heart attack after working hard work

The director worked for an average of fifteen hours per day. However, after months of hard work, he fell ill. He had a heavy heart attack and had to be replaced so that he could heal. He did not do the remaining bit of the film.

6. It was banned in Trinidad and Tobago

This movie was interesting since it was full of comedy. Many people liked the comedy in it. However, in these two states, it was banned with claims that there were some moments in the film that was in some way racist.

7. The main centre of the film centres around a coke bottle

Just as I had said before, the basic foundation of this movie was the Coke bottle that was thrown from a plane and found by Xi. This is the reason why this movie got its start.

8. It had a budget of $5 million

This movie ended up making $100 million from a budget of $5 million. I guess this was a huge sum of money during that time.

9. The star only received a minimal salary for his work

The star in this movie was the man that played Xi. I know the producers of this movie did not expect $100 million but luckily enough, they got it. However, the star was given $5000 for his part in the film. After the hard work and determination that the star employed until the movie made a sum equivalent to $100 million, he was only offered this in return. By good luck, the director later gave him $20000 and a monthly stipend, which to me is still a small amount.

This movie was strange but interesting. I have to share it with my kids. There had once been rumours that the little boy who acted in this movie is the famous artist, Nasty C. This has, however, not been proven. I would ask to find out if this is true or not. Do not fail to share, comment or hit the 👍 button. Thanks so much for reading.

Content created and supplied by: thebadwhysk (via Opera News )

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