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Mapenzi Yanarun Dunia | This Is Why Arrow Bwoy Is The Ideal Man For Nadia Mukami

Nadia Mukami is now a major force to be reckoned with, not just in her own country but across the whole continent. When it comes to her music career, she has been breaking and establishing new records on a regular basis. She gave the people who cheat and explain their cheating a cryptic message by saying that their reply was an error. She also took photos of her Instagram page from the Arrow Boy.

They also unfolded on Instagram, according to reports. Is this a public stunt possible?

Arrow was reported to have a wife with whom he was married ten years ago. According to the blogger Obare' s presentation, Arrow was worried about exposing his wife in public since she was working as a hairdresser.

Nadia and Arrow relationship speculations

Netizens were furious when the artists Nadia Mukami and Arrow Boy revealed that they were dating and still together for a long period. But, despite being one of the most unexpected couples in the entertainment industry, their choice to emerge to the public was not uncontroversial.

Nadia said that while she was still in a relationship with another guy, she started dating Arrow Boy, a revelation who sent shock waves across the online community. Nadia saw an Indian guy who featured in one of her music videos, according to sources, but she denied the accusations and said that he was in the film only and that nothing more was happening between them.

Break up of their relationship

A musician, Nadia Mukami and Utembe' s CEO Arrow Boy have disclosed that they date after a while keeping their relationship hidden. The two revealed their connection during a joint Instagram live with Nadia saying they were here for a long time.

Could it be that we' re dating? Yes. I' ve been Arrow' s girlfriend since a long time ago. I was in a relationship, Ali' s. The fact that we are together longer than most people can continued to explain that she decided to go to the public because at this stage in her life she feels mature and ready to have a serious relationship.

In reply, Nadia replied, " Watu wengi wanafikiria ni kiki, they don' t believe me and we' re dating because hata in the remark unaweza ona wanasema mnatoa line. . . They don' t believe in me and you' re dating.

I' ll join a guy called Nyumba in a song, Kani, right? For the purpose of a song, would I kiss a man? " The narrator adds, " Kama ni numbers sisi wote tuko na Numbers. "

Nadia Pours Her Heart

Nadia did only a few days after she announced that she was dating what every other celebrity does: she did what every other celebrity does. Since she was lucky enough to have a voice, she composed a song for her lover. #Raha is the song' s name.

The song starts with Nadia' s beautiful voice as she professes her love for Arrow. " Mapenzi Matamu Bwanaa, sijazoea kubembelezwa, Unavyonidekeza Bwanaa, tupendane nikupe Wana, Kina Safari na Lola wakuite na wewe Baba" According to Nadia, the #Raha hashtag reflected her wish to inform the world how much she is esteemed. You should know that many artists write songs for their loved ones, instead of saying, " I love you, " or anything. " The author claims that Najua mnatamani kuskia ni kiki, but no.

Raha ft. @arrowboy is a new fresh song I placed into. . .

[Ni vingi tumepitia, matusi na wivu nimejionea nikavomilia, no vingi tumepitia nor vingi tumepitia, no vingi tumepitia, no vingi tumepitia, no vingi tumepitia and no vingi tumepitia. neither the vingi tumepitia, no matusi na wivu wivu nimejionea nikavumilia neither vingi tumepitia neither vingi tumepitia, nor vingi tumepitia. ]

Hints on break- up

Always go back and think about why we ladies marry or interact with someone who' s previously married? I' m sure you' ve got it. Do we take into account the consequences of our actions? Nadia knew that Arrow was somebody' s father and husband, but she decided not to know about the circumstances.

Anyway, that' s not the problem; things look awful for the Songtress. She deleted all Arrow' s photos from her Instagram page. She has also chosen on social media to stop following each other. What' s worse is her mysterious remark on her Instagram stories, in which she asked why people cheat only to explain that this was a mistake. Is it conceivable she' s looking for power? Is it some kind of public stunt? Is the once sweet love becoming sweet? You follow or take photos each other according to what I have seen, when you want to live a more quiet life, or after splitting with someone.

What did Arrow say about rumours?

Arrow officially addressed of the speculations regarding its breakup spreading on the internet. He posted a picture of himself sitting on a studio chair calmly and comfortably. He may be working on a new smash song. (We will find out enough soon)

He also put a little bit on his lips, which is a motion of the mouth which indicates " keep still. " It is likely that he suggests that the " umbea society" should be concerned with its own business. Alternatively, it may suggest everything is OK and you should stay silent since such things occur in a relationship.

So after all, do you believe that for Nadia and Arrow the adage ' Mtachanna tu' (Mtaachana tu) is true? Or are they preparing us for a hit song' s release? Or have they concluded that it is enough to provide us with tea in their relationship?

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