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SULTANA: Major Jabali and Bi Ua Found Dead In Their Room, See Who Is Behind

The Sultana Wednesday updates are back!

Bi Ua, Major Jabali's wife, has passed away. Viewers are taken aback by the two's deaths. You might be wondering, like I am, who killed them, but that is not true—Bi Hasia is having hallucinations, after all.

Bi Hasia is trying to imagine what Bi Ua will do to her if she wakes up. We are very aware that Bi Hasia was the one who brought in JJ to replace Sultana, but she kept the information a secret from Bi Ua and Boss Major Jabali.

I am aware that many viewers of Sultana were taught that Bi Hasia killed Major Jabali and Bi Ua, but this is not true—Bi Hasia is hallucinating.

Please let me know if you believe Sultana is coming to an end in the comments section below, and don't forget to share my article.

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