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Meet Top Kisii Musicians

Kisii music has come a long way in the hands of talented sons and daughters of the Gusiiland. Long gone are the days of Sungusia when local music was pure and traditional. We now have a long list of Kisii artists with modern gems you won’t resist.

Ole Willy latest song Relax, YouTube video, lyrics, meaning, and mp3 download by Mkristo Flani

The creativity of Kisii musicians is on another level. Luckily, the number of upcoming Kisii artists is increasing fast by the day. Sure enough, the best musicians from Kisii are young people writing history with their talents.

List of top 100 Kisii musicians, all Kisii artists in 2021

The most influential Kisii singers are those addressing current affairs.

Those with a better rhythm have already gone national and international.

1. Nyashinski the Kisii celebrity rapper

The Sauti Sol star tops the list of famous Kisii musicians in 2021.

He was formerly a member of Kleptomaniax before joining Ogopa Dj and later Sauti Sol.

Nyashinski albums are bestsellers considering he has gone ahead of all Kisii musicians to release hit tracks.

Bebi Bebi hit (2018)

Hayawani (2017)

2016: Mungu Pekee

Nyamari Ongegu popularly Nyashinski is an Environmental planning management graduate. He is a former student of Nairobi School.

Rapper Nyashinski biography, age, tribe, CV, wife, home, family, songs, wiki, contacts, wealth

Nyashinski is currently engaged to Zia Jepkemei Bett of Daystar University. He is a Kisii Kenyan artist to watch in 2021.

2. Ringtone Apoko – Kisii gospel musician

Not many know that Ringtone Apoko tribe is Kisii. The star is doing well in gospel music, where he has been active for atleast 10 years now.

A list of top Kisii gospel musicians is not complete without Ringtone at the top.

Walionicheka ft Rose Muhando

Ringtone Feat Ada – This Year

Ringtone x Gloria Muliro – Wacha Iwe

Alex Apoko aka Ringtone comes from Kisii County where he was born in May 1989.

The 31-year-old Ringtone Apoko with a net worth of Ksh. 100 million is still single.

List of Kisii gospel artists, Fenny Kerubo, Mwaniki, Msanii, Divinah, Otiso best Kisii singers

A recent stint in wich Angel Nyambura claimed she has a baby with him is still in the making.

3. Smallz Lethal – Omoisia Omobe the Kisii rapper

The gengetone boy from Kisii County is trending on the Kenyan music scenes.

He recently dropped a viral hit “I am Offended” that indeed offended governor Ongwae.

Smallz Lethal Am Offended lyrics speak for an ordinary Kenyan on the receiving end of corruption.

Kunguni – Smallz Lethal

Smallz Lethal – I’m Offended song

Smallz Lethal – Ebarimo Ft. Ke4 & Mwana Mariamu

Smallz lethal real name, Jim Nyamwaka Nyakundi from Nyanchwa Estate in Kisii Town was born on October 23 1987.

Smallz Lethal biography, age, wife, Am Offended lyrics, late songs download mp3, profile facts

The 33-year-old Kisii artist is a renowned rapper having worked with famous personalities such a Gaza and CLD of Ukoo Flani.

4. Henry Sagero Man Pepe

Sagero stands out in Kisii entertainment for his dramatic performances and charming lyrics.

Bonyakoni Kirwanda Man Pepe Sagero songs include;

Omosiki Neriogo

Omoika Bwo Mosiki

Eng’ombe Ne’ngima

Omogusii Omokimbizi hit

Henry Sagero biography reveals that he comes from Nyamira county and has been making music for about 20 years now.

5. Evangelist Rebecca Thomas

Songs by Rebecca Thomas speak directly to the soul with a sweet touching message.

Notably, it is the song Omorembe which brought her into the light of music.

Ababisa Bane By Rebeccah Thomas

Isaya By Ev. Rebecca Thomas

Ahab Oitire Naboth By Evangelist Rebecca Thomas

Pastor Rebecca Thomas moves around with her husband and children in the course of her pastoral work.

She tops the list of Kisii female artists. Rebecca Thomas new songs are making rounds on social media.

6. Evangelist Fenny Kerubo

The talented Fenny is a successful Kisii musician who bagged a couple of Groove Awards Nyanza region in 2015 and 2017.

Come To Me By Fenny Kerubo

Joy Mutai Ft. Fenny Kerubo

Neno By Fenny Kerubo Ft Rose Muhando

She is a typical figure of Kisii gospel and praise music. Fenny is sister to the outspoken Dennis Onyamo.

Fenny Kerubo biography, age, husband, tribe, brother Denni Onyamo, latest song ft Rose Muhando

She recently lost her father, Mr Meshack Ragira Onyamo, at Tabaka Mission Hospital, South Mugirango, Kisii County.

7. Miggy Champ Echambioni

Nore Pipo hitmaker MC Miggy Champ is a Kisii music star with a unique studio vibe.

Mamissment Official

Miggy Champ – Ebarasa

Sesenia – Miggy Champ official

Noraita –Vicky Young ft. Miggy

MC Miggy Champ real name Omari Migisi is about 30 years old.

He is an alumnus of St Andrew Kaggwa Boys primary boarding and Cardinal Otunga High School.

Miggy Champ biography, age, real names, education, Sesen Mp3 download, latest songs list

The singer is still single and wholly dedicated to his music career.

8. Babu Gee Omosayansi – trending Kisii artists

Omosayansi is a co-star in the song Ntwarwara that is still alive today. More of Babu Gee songs include;

Nore Pipo


Ujinga Ni.

Babu Gee real name Davison Nyaberi Mong’are comes from Mokomoni in Nyamira County.

Babu Gee biography, age, real names, wife, songs mp3 download, profile facts, awards, contacts

The Kisii pop music star wedded his longtime girlfriend Moraa Antoni.

9. Evangelist Douglas Otiso

Tenga Bogeka hitmaker is an inspiration to upcoming Kisii gospel singers. Top in the list of Douglas Otiso songs are;




Tiga Obakwe

Otiso biography shows that he became an orphan when aged 24 years. The singer turned preacher owns a recording studio.

Otiso released his first song following the 2007 post-election violence which displaced him from his residence in Chepilat.

Douglas Otiso is a school dropout who has managed is way to success beyond the odds of life.

Douglas Otiso biography, age, profile facts, story of a robbe turned top Kisii gospel artiste

The Gusii gospel singer is both dramatics and electrifying in his dance powered music.

10. Mr Ong’eng’o Entururu

Ongengo is a traditional Kisii entertainer whose music continues to withstand the test of time. Among his favourite tunes include;



Monto Mosacha

Omwanchi Jemima

Mr Ongengo real name Ongengo Mosima works at Egesa, Royal Media Services, as Chochoni.

He is a trusted RMS entertainer and presenter.

Mr Ongengo biography, age, real name, songs videos, Rikurunyau, Entururu Mp3 download, Egesa FM

Ongengo is one of the most authentic Kisii artists and a master of Kisii musical instruments.

11. Rajville the banana boy Kisii rapper

Raj is among notorious Kisii music artists of our time. Among the most played of his songs is Raj Obe Baba, others are;

Raj – Suka ft Wangechi & Fena Gitu

Mix – Raj – Igo (Konjo) Rmx ft Victoria Kimani

Risase Remix Miggy Champ ft Mash Wonder

Rajville real names Rajiv Okemwa is about 30 years old as of 2021. He is a former student at Friend’s School Kamusinga.

On top of that, Rajvile is a Bachelor’s Degree graduate from the University of Nairobi where he majored in Economics.

Raj Kenyan rapper Instagram fame confirms that he is unstoppable when it comes to Kenyan hip hop songs.

12. Pharry K 045 the Kisii cowboy singer

The cowboy singer is unmistaken for his musical style of singing. Pharry K Kisii songs are a massive hits because of their unique Jim Reeves vibe.

Most of Pharry K latest songs including Pharry K Peace in the Valley are now available on YouTube.

Across the Bridge (Nyancha Ng’umbu)

God is Love Pharry-K Ft Christina Müller

Pharry-K Totagote/Never Grow Old

Pharry K real names Kepha Oyugi Bwonda comes from Ekeonga village in Kisii County.

The celebrated Pharry K was born on September 4, 1989 making him 32 years as of 2021.

Pharry K biography, age, profile, wedding, latest songs, Acr the Bridge, Totagote downloads

Apart from music, Pharry K is an actor, model, songwriter, and composer with a speciality in country music.

13. Kwasa Kwasa international

The gifted singer is a former member of the old Sungusia Band. He has played a crucial role in shaping local music.

Kwasa Kwasa Kisii songs frequently play on Egesa FM and Minto FM radio stations.



Onsongo Omosongo new song

Born on April 4, 1980, Kwasa Kwasa real names Joseph Nyakweba is about 40 years as of 2021.

The singer is typical for playing informative songs accompanied by relaxing and straightforward dance moves.

14. Original Sungusia Band among top Kisii artists

The Abagusii always enjoy listening to Sungusia songs Nyaboke and Susana. It has been years now, but Sungusia songs are still musical and appealing.

Sungusia Mokoyone

Nyaboke, Egesagane Eke By Bana Sungusia

Sungusia Tribute Farewell To Onsongo O’omosongo

Kisii music Sungusia band members such as Kwasa Kwasa continue to shine as single artists.

Full list of Bana Sungusia songs, original band members, boss lyrics, latest mix, mp3 download

Banasungusia founder Edwin Momanyi Kenyatta is still running the band with newly recruited members.

15. Embarambamba Msanii was Kisii

The mud man Chris Embarambamba is a controversial Kisii artist whose music spirit roams wide.

Embarambamba new songs are now taking over on social media because of comic hype.

Siara Ebuse

Ninchwo Mbaorokie

Omwana Onyasae Akong’ita Obote

I was Confused Chris Embarambamba

Apart from singing, Embarambamba real names Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma is an actor and model best known for his yellow-themed polka dot suits.

10 untold facts about Chris Embarambamba, rising into top gospel charts, and full success story

Born on February 1, 1988, Embarambamba is 33 years as of 2021. He is a creative sproduct of both Mr. Ongengo and Man Pepe Sagero.

16. Charles Nyagwoka of Kirwanda Jazz band

The musician is famous for his timeless song, Obotaka Tibori Kegomi. The song which means poverty is not permanent remains an inspiration to this day.

Charles Nyangwoka songs from the good days of Kirwanda Junior include;

Kirwanda Junior – Abagisangio

Dr Matunda By Charles Nyagwoka

Jirani Ninki Mogatagete By Charles & Sagero

Born on January 12, 1974, Charles Nyangwoka of Kirwanda Junior Jazz band is 47 years as of 2021.

His songs are commendable for upholding moral values of the Abagusii people.

17. Divinah Nyamwaka – female Kisii artists

Igwa Ogosaba and Natimokire are the most preferred songs of Divinah Nyamwaka.

She stands out from other gospel singers for her simplicity and accuracy in the gospel ministry.

Divinah Nyamwaka Usilie

Divinah Nyamwaka Natimokire

Nyamwaka Sitakata Tamaa

Divinah is a young Kisii female gospel artist who many admire for her influential ministry.

18. Vicky Young Ensanako – lyrical Kisii artists

Chinkondi (Ebiongosi) and Noraita hitmaker is now a viral Kisii singer. Vicky Young Kisii artist songs include;


Ebesa Eborete

Obobesa Obokeigo

Titi Nkorundi ft Miggy

Vicky Young real name Victor Orwachi Maina was born on June 21st.

Vicky Young biography, age, tribe, CV, education, family, Facebook, Ensanako profile, contacts

The multi-talented Vicky Young is a close relative to Arisi Omwana O Sababu.

19. Vekta Kenya

The Kisii born star is a songwriter, producer, and entertainer with a good music record.

Vekta songs and new albums are now available on Youtube and other leading media streaming sites such as

Ndwanerere – Vickyoung Ft Vekta

Kuna – Vekta Ft Keemlyf

Omogoko – Vickyoung Ft Vekta

Born August 29,1992, Vekta real name Maxwell Basweti Ochera is 28 years as of 2021.

Vekta Kenya biography, age, family, songs, lyrics, Alka Mus Group Africa CEO, Wiki, Net worth

Top Kisii mix 2021 feature his hot singles and favourite collabos such as Ntwarwara.

20. Lydiah Scarlet Nyairabu

Nyairabu is a Kenyan Christian music singer from the heart of Kisii. She is original in all her favourite songs;

Lydiah Scarlet Nyairabu – Ekegokoria

Omosae Omonda

Lydiah Scarlet Nyairabu – Omonene Tegerera song

Other Scarlet Nyairabu songs include Omosae Omonda, Omorokigwa, Omonene Tegerera, and Amariga Taiyo.

21. Kisii music Machoge One Jazz

Omweri Machoge songs include Orobebe and Twanche Abageni. Others include;

Majoge one jazz Omong’ina


Obuya Bwaino


Moving on, Arisi Osababu mp3 download and other Arisi Sababu songs from years back are available on leading music outlets.

More influential Kisii artists and musicians from Kisii

The list of Kisii singers is endless, with each member having a unique style of play.

1. Duke Mainga Echate

2. Forever Young

3. Mash Wonder

4. Mcubamba

5. Faith Stan

6. Ali Butterfly

7. Molly Kerubo

8. Samwel Ntabo

9. Erick Mwaniki

10. King Menace

11. Sammy Baraka

12. Kamtu Flani

13. Danlee -Bonchariboy

14. Jared Mombinya

15. Antivirus Ndizi TV

Try Mdundo Kisii songs for the Kisii gospel songs download and more

Fast upcoming secular Kisii artists

1. Kash

2. Lilsliq

3. Shourtie

4. Neimer king

5. Falenzy usher

6. Kibandasky Man

7. Geoffrey Magembe

Kisii artists – upcoming female gospel musicians

1. Ev Naomi Nyakundi

2. Joslyn Onchiri

3. Phencillah Moraa

4. Rachael Nyarangi

5. Suzy Moraa

6. Edith Bosibori – Edith Joseph

Kisii artists – upcoming male gospel musicians

1. Dennis Ayuma

2. Dennis Onyamo

3. Dennoh Mpole

4. Japhet Ouru

5. Lucas Katonzo

6. Malack Asande

7. Matara Nyabayo

8. Victor Momanyi

9. Jared Nyagaka (Nyaguta)

Top rated music producers in Kisii

Producer Augusto of World Wave Records is by far the most famous Kisii music producer.

List of Studios in Kisii: music recording, photos, videos, weddings, choirs, parties, events 2021

He is the producer behind famous songs by Vicky Young, Miggy Champ, Faith Stan, and Babu Gee among other trending Kisii singers.

Kisii artists DJ mix 2021

1. Deejay Jim

2. DJ Hot Kenya

3. DJ Scratcher Kisii

4. Kisii DJ Lady DJ Bunney 254

Most loved Kisii artists who have died

Gusii land has lost heroic singers including the following.

1. Onsongo O’mosongo

2. Arisi John Osababu Kirwanda Songa

3. Dismus Nyangau Yegentonto The Phd Man

Best Kisii artists and music download

Various artists on our list are the calm voices behind the best Kisii songs.

Luckily the Kisii songs download option is now available for your playlist.

Who are the best musicians from Kisii?

Most of the latest Kisii songs 2021 drop with new slogans and fresh lyrics.

It is from these comic songs that we get fine phrases such as Chinkondi, Nore Pipo and Ntwarwara Tiga Toragere.

List of Kisii traditional songs, Obori bwa Baba song lyrics, Entaburuta, folk songs, music dance

The list of best Kisii artists is likely to become longer in days to come. Kisii and Nyamira counties will likely flood with talents if the numbers of young people throwing a wishful eye in the art industry will keep rising at the current rate.


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