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Simple Things Ladies Want From Men

Women are wonderful creatures that were created as companions for men. There is man who would not get impressed by a lady. Even if some men pretend to not be attracted by ladies, ladies are wonderful to have.

Without waisting much of your precious time, I am going to talk about the things which ladies want from men but find it hard to ask for them.

The number one thing is money. Many stingy guys are not that Happy with the thought of spending at least some money on ladies. Ladies always want some money but will never ask you for some. 

The second thing is Touch messaging. A lady would always want to be tied to you. At least hold her waist while walking momentarily. Hold her wrists and other possible part. This makes her feel secured and safe.

The third thing is a kiss. When last did you lips came together. They are always waiting for that forehead kiss but they will never ask for it.

Take her out to some different places she has not visited before. Let her discover new things through your support. 

The last but not least, always be polite to her. Never shout at her.

Ladies fill the comment section below so that we convince the men.

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