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Part 2: Will you still love me

Tracey ran down the stairs on a phone call. She was dressed for school.

"Tracey aren't you going to join us for breakfast?" Suzanne asked when Tracey headed straight for the door

"am late mom.. Senior year sucks" Tracey replied and hung up the phone call

"won't you be driving with Damon?" Suzanne asked

Damon paused and stopped eating "are you indirectly asking me to babysit Tracey"

"Am not asking you to babysit anyone..."

"You don't have to explain anything to him.. He's childish and I still insists there's a problem with our birth certificates.. We can't possibly be twins" Tracey stated

"In your dreams Tracey.. In your dreams" Damon scoffed then grabbed his satchel from the table "am off mom"

"But you aren't done with your meal yet"

Damon walked up to Suzanne "Am full mom" he said and pecked her on her cheeks "bye kid sister" he winked at Tracey and walked out, hanging his satchel over his shoulder

"Bye mom" Tracey pecked Suzanne and walked out.

Deanna woke up late the next morning and the first thing that greeter her, was the ray from the rising sun that was coming in from the shutters. She got up and opened the shutters to let IJ the fresh breeze. 

"Good morning nature" Deanna breather in the air deeply. The smell of new mown hay struck her. Deanna grabbed a robe from the hanger and wore o be r her nightie. She brushed her teeth and working her glasses then hurried outside without combing her messy hair. Deanna walked into the lawn and found Stefan cutting the grass with a mower. 

"Good morning" she greeted 

Stefan looked at her and smiled "Good morning. How was your night?"

"Cool except for a horrible dream I can't remember"

Stefan chuckled and continued with what he was doing.

"you're busy" Deanna observed the mown lawn. The smell that had struck her

"Guess it's going to be my last generosity for now

"why? are you leaving?"

"I got transferred to Sparkles High School so I'll be leaving tomorrow"

"you're leaving me?" Deanna blinked rapidly to suppress her tears. She was getting so emotional about it and she didn't like the way she was feeling. "I'll be alone now"

"I'll always visit.. every weekend"

"but you'll be far"

"Not too far.. I'll be in Houston, not too far from here"

Deanna sighed "I wish I also had an opportunity to go to school. I've never been enrolled in school my whole life"

"That doesn't mean you won't get the chance to be educated.. it takes time, not forever"

Deanna forced a smile "I've heard a lot about Sparkles High School"

"me too"

"I won't have a friend anymore when you're gone"

"How about you come with me"

Deanna laughed "is that even possible?"

"Am serious. There's a vacancy in the school.. a cleaner needed"

"How's the pay"

"fat I guess.. Sparkles High is rich"

"so I'll have to clean while others learn" Deanna said sadly

"Guess I didn't think of that but I can enroll you in an afternoon class so you don't have to clean all day"

"But I don't have a house in Houston"

"That's going to be another problem"

"where are you. going to be staying?" Deanna asked

"with my uncle's family"

"The president?"


"oh! that means I lost the job"

"we can find a way"

"I'll have to talk to aunt Millicent about it first"

"Alright! I'll need your reply before leaving tomorrow"

"Thanks.. see ya later" Deanna waved and hurried to their apartment 

"Aunt Millicent?!" she called running into the living room 

"am in the kitchen" Millicent shouted from the kitchen 

"Good morning aunt Millicent" Deanna greeted as she walked into the kitchen 

"How was your night?"

"peaceful.. if I may say" Deanna replied with a shrug 

"you woke up late.. I got scared"

"am sorry"

"so what were you discussing with our cute neighbor? h-uh?" Millicent winked Deane

Deanna blushed with embarrassment and looked away shyly "we were just talking"

"Just talking? and you got so emotional that I bet you cried"

"That's because he's leaving...." Deanna said and went on to tell Millicent everything she had discussed with Stefan.

"It was really thoughtful of him to get you a job" Millicent said when Deanna was done

"but the problem is that I have no where to live in Houston"

"That isn't going to be a problem. My nephew, Bruce, lives in Houston with his family.. not too far from Sparkles High"

"That means I'll have to live far from you" Deanna drawled

"it's for the best Deanna" Millicent smiled "then I'll ask Bruce to help you secure another part time job"

"I just hope I'll be able to survive on my own" 

"you won't be alone. Bruce and his family are really nice people and you still got Stefan.. your uncle and I will forever dwell in your heart"

"Thanks aunt Millicent"

"you're welcome.. Now go freshen up and come out for breakfast"

Deanna nodded and walked out of the kitchen.


"... NO! No! don't shoot her.. No!!!" Deanna shouted and covered her eyes with her palms. She listened to hear screams from the movie she was watching but instead she heard moans. Deanna opened her eyes slowly and gasped "he kissed her"

She shut her eyes again "I don't want to see it"

Deanna remained that way till she was sure that scene had changed then she opened her eyes. "so romantic"

Deanna was alone in the house cause her aunt and uncle were out in the farm. Someone knocked on the door and she went to get it. 

"Stefan?!" Deanna called excitedly on opening the door 

"Hi!" Stefan greeted with his hands in his pant pockets "can I come in?"

"sure" Deanna stepped aside and he walked in

"you're watching a movie" Stefan said and sat on a couch 

"it's a horror romance"

"more light"

"a princess falling in love with a monster.. crazy right?"

"Nah!!! That's love for you" Stefan said then asked "what's your conclusion about the offer"

"am coming with you"

"your aunt agreed?"

Deanna nodded "yes"

"how about you accommodation?"

"she said she got a nephew who lives in Houston with his family.. not too far from Sparkles High"

"so you'll be leaving with me tomorrow morning?"

"probably.. if her nephew agrees to take me in"

"he certainly will"

"I hope he does. I don't have a job and this is going to be my opportunity to see what it looks like inside a school"

"you're going to love it as long as you avoid the rich kids"

"But I love rich kids.. I've always wanted to be friends with need someone else"

"but you've got me.. am the president's nephew"

"I need someone else"

"you'll meet so many of them"

"do you know the best part?"

"what is it?"

"I'll be leaving San Antonio for the first time in my whole life.. even if am going to be a cleaner there, it means a lot to me"

Stefan smiled "am glad I helped you achieve that"

"I owe you Stefan, I definitely won't forget you when I become rich"

Stefan laughed "I wish you luck in that"

"on what?"

"becoming rich" Stefan replied and Deanna laughed too. 


"I'll miss you so much Deanna" Aunt Millicent said sadly and hugged Deanna. Deanna and Stefan were prepared to leave for Houston.

"Be careful Stefan.. don't get into trouble" Mrs Bennett, Stefan's mom said 

"I won't" Stefan promised

"face your books" Mr Bennett stated

"and take care of Deanna" Adam added

"I will Uncle Adam" Stefan promised

"let's get going" Mr Bennett said and got into the drivers seat of his truck 

"Bye aunt.. bye uncle" Deanna hugged Millicent and Adam "Bye Mrs Bennett" she also hugged Mrs Bennett and got into the backseat. Stefan hugged his mother and got into the passenger seat. They waved at Adam, Millicent, and Mrs Bennett as they drove off.  


Mr Bennett dropped Deanna at Bruce's house before driving to the president's house. Deanna wore her backpack which contained her few clothes then walked to the front porch. She knocked nervously and the door was opened shortly by a little girl of five. 

"mom we've got a visitor" the little girl shouted studying Deanna

"am Moira; you must be Deanna"

Deanna nodded and studied the little girl. She was hugging a rag toy with her left hand and sucking on her right thumb.

"who's that Moira?" a female voice asked from within

"she's either a stranger or a visitor but she looks weird" Moira replied 

The woman chuckled and appeared at the doorway.

"Good morning" Deanna greeted politely 

"you must be Deanna" the woman's eyes shone with excitement and she dragged Deanna inside "am Vickie.. Bruce's wife and there are so much plates to wash"

"I'll help you with your bag, now run along" Moira took Deanna's backpack and Vickie dragged Deanna to the kitchen.


"Stefan?!" Suzanne exclaimed when Stefan and Mr Bennett entered the living room. 

"Aunt?!" Stefan called and hugged her "Good morning"

"Mr Bennett?!" Suzanne also hugged him

"How's everyone?" Mr Bennett asked pulling from the hug

"Patrick is on a trip and the kids already left for school" Suzanne replied then said "come have a seat"

"Am actually in a hurry to leave.. there's somewhere important I need to be" Mr Bennett declined politely

"Alright then.. I'll let Patrick know you were here" Suzanne said

"Take care of yourself son" Mr Bennett tapped Stefan on his shoulder 

"Goodbye dad" Stefan said and Mr Be walked out

Suzanne called a maid and instructed her to show Stefan to his room then she left. The laid led Stefan to his room after Suzanne had left. 

"There's a land-line over there..." the maid pointed to s telephone on the wall "call if you need anything"

Stefan nodded in understanding and the maid walked out. He locked the door and walked to the bed. 

"I feel rich" he smiled and dropped on the bed 


Damon walked into Stefan's room unnoticed and world behind Stefan who was staring out the window. He studied Stefan for a whole and Cipher took control of him.

"He's an angel" Damon gasped but it was actually Cipher speaking

Stefan noticed someone was in the room and whirled around to face him "Damon?! you're home"

Damon faked a smile and acted normal "yes"

"How was school today?"

"It went well" Damon could see the light in Stefan's heart but Stefan couldn't see that Damon was possessed by a devil

"Damon, are you alright?" Stefan asked noticing the change in Damon's eyes. His iris had turned green. 

"you shouldn't be here" Damon said with his voice changing 

"you're not Damon" Stefan spat out 

Damon gave a lopsided smirk "what makes you think so?" he advanced towards Stefan

"Damon what's wrong with you?"

Damon stopped on his track and his eyes suddenly turned normal "I was practicing my role in the school's drama" he lied and his voice was normal

"Seriously? you scared me"

Damon chuckled "am acting as a monster.. I did well right?"

"That was perfect.. it looked so real"

"Thanks. See you later" Damon turned to go. His face turned to that of a monster as he walked out with his back to Stefan.

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