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Stevo Simple Boy Sadly Breaks Up With His Lover, Girlfriend Painfully Says She's Happy For Him.

Couple of days ago, Stevo Simple Boy and his lover came public and announced that they're dating and they said that being together for each other was one thing that has been keeping them going. Apparently, the girlfriend has been doing a lot for Stevo Simple Boy including exposing his management and critics who have been interfering with their relationship. It seems like things haven't gone well ever since she did the exposure and Stevo's management has been frustrating her. Hours ago, she painfully revealed that she has decided to part ways with the artist and according to how she spoke, you could clearly tell that it's the management that made them part ways.

She said that she's always happy for Stevo Simple Boy but the problem is that he chooses to listen to other people not her despite the fact that they harass him. She said that she's even afraid of being in a relationship with him because later on, his people might want him to divorce her and he'll blindly do it to please them. 'I'm happy for him and may he stay happily with his next partner'. These were the last words she said as she finalized her talk.

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