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Some Of the Most Beautiful Identical Twins, Triplets, and Quadruplets Around the World (PHOTOS)

Giving birth to more than one child is a dream for some and a desire to many women. A few conceive naturally while most have medical assistance.

In the world there are some of the most beautiful twins, triplets, and Quadruplets who are making waves on social media with their stunning beauty and resemblance.

Take a look and share your thoughts of who you think should be crowned the most beautiful of all.

Bella Twins

WWE superstars Nikki and Brie Bella are the most adorable twins to the world of wresting. They have a well toned body and a beautiful long black hair. Brie is married to co- wrestler Bryan Danielson while Nikki is a ex girlfriend to wrestling legend John Cena.

Pyfrom Quadruplets

The Fourever1 quadruplets Christina, Catherine, Janelle, and Jodi Pyfrom are American singers who lives in Los Angeles. They are signed in music label American Idol.

Ferguson Twins

The reality TV stars Haley and Emily Ferguson are popular known for their role in The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise Reality TV show.

Akse Quadruplets

The stunning redheads identical Quadruplets from Netherlands Teasa, Esme, Bo, and Lisa Asks used to have their reality TV show named Quands.

Herbert Twins

This stunning twins from Australian are the true definition of beauty. Renne and Elisha Herbert are both models who have become the face for many clothing brand.

The Tang Triplets

Well, they look so much alike. Jade, Joelle, and Marian Tang were the first triplets to be born in Edmonton, Canada through non- IVF in twenty years. Being born from a Ukrainian mother and Chinese father brought out that unique, gorgeous looks. They have different personality but they all work in entertainment industry. Do you know that Jade and Joelle had a role in X-Men Movie.

Feres Twins

This Brazilian twins Bia and Branca Feres are not only beautiful but also athletes. They represented their country in Olympics 2016 but after they prefer to focus on their career in modeling.

Crimmins Triplets

The perfectly Irish beauties Laura, Nicola, and Also Crimmins love to do everything together. From work outs to hairstyle to food. According to them they want to remain identical forever.

The Kim Triplets

This beautiful Korean triplet Jin- Ah, Sun -Ah, and Min -Ah are the group member of Infinity of Sound. They all play traditional instruments which are so unique and nice to listen to.

The Taylor Triplets

Beautiful red headed triplets Niki, Natalie, and Nicole Taylor play variety of instruments. All three of them made up the bluegrass and Christian band Red Roots.

The Okapiec Triplets

Cute identical triplets from Poland Aleksandra, Izabela, and Monika Okapiec are the violin trio, Alizma.

Grushin Twins

Instagram models Anya and Kristina Grushin are some of the beautiful Russian identical twins and DJs.

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